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We are an e liquid manufacturer located in Oconto, Wisconsin. We hand-mix all of our e-juices with Kosher, USP grade PG & VG, and the best e liquid flavoring and sweetener anyone can find. Every ingredient we use in our premium e liquid is 100% made in the USA
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e-Liquified e liquids are made with the absolute best flavoring agents on the market.  Our ingredients are all 100% pharmaceutical grade, food grade and FDA approved.

Our e liquids are professionally steeped before they are shipped.  This means your e-juice is ready for you to vape the moment it arrives at your door.  There’s no need for you to steep our E liquids.

Our E liquid bottles are sealed with tamper-evident caps for your protection.

e-Liquified e-juices do not contain tobacco or alcohol. All of our e-juices do contain nicotine, with the exception of those marked “0” (zero) nicotine.

This product is not intended for use or purchase by minors. You must be 18 or older to purchase and/or use e-Liquified e-juices. 

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Our E liquids have been specially designed for those who’ve recently quit smoking.  This means our intentions are to get you that strong throat hit you normally get from your old cigarettes.  We believe it’s easier to quit smoking when you can replace the feel of your cigarette smoke.  We also highly recommend most new vapers use higher levels of nicotine when first starting out.   Eventually you will require less as you become more comfortable with your electronic cigarette.

I get a lot of people asking about smoking and vaping at the same time.  This is very common, in fact most people are not comfortable giving up their morning cigarette or after dinner smoke.  I personally say don’t worry about it.  If E cigs can save you from smoking 5, 10 or a whole pack per day for heavy smokers like myself, then accept that victory.  You’ll feel better and you’ve taken the first step.  Just keep on vaping and maybe eventually you won’t need that old dirty butt any more.